Social networking service

social-networkingA social networking service is a platform that focuses on simplifying the process of building social networks. It is an online service that provides social relations among people who share interest, activities, or real-life connections. A social network service generally consists of a representation of each user, social links and a variety of supplementary facilities. The social network services are web based. It allows the users to interact over the internet such as instant messaging.

Online community services are also considered as social network service. These services facilitate the users to share activities, events, their ideas and the interesting topics with their individual networks. Many attempts have been taken for avoiding the need of duplicate entries and interests. Web based social networking service allows the users to share interests across economic, political and geographic borders. Facebook, Twitter, blogs are now considered as the objects of scholarly research.

Social networks offer different ways for individuals to communicate digitally over the internet. Many sites that providesocial networking sites allow the users to share blog entries invite the friends with similar interests and share lists of contacts. They also provide various tools for controlling the user privacy that the users can select who can view their profile; add them to their lists, etc. They have the features such as the upload the videos, hold discussions in forums, ability to create groups that share common affiliations. Mobile phone users can now create their profile, make friends, create chat rooms, share photos and videos by using their mobile phone itself. Some companies offer wireless service for the users that allows them to build their own mobile company.

As the popularity of the social networking is on a rise, the usage of new technology is constantly increased. Twitter provides the real-time services. Twitter focuses on words, group photo sharing, etc. But Facebook remains the largest photo sharing site. Many companies are trying to merge the latest technologies and solutions with the social networking services such as cloud computing. Using this technology, companies may be developed the interactive communities that connects the users based on business needs and experiences. Specialized networking tools are offered to access the websites. Companies found that social networking sites such as Twitter, blogs, Facebook are the best ways to build their brand image. These companies are capable of driving traffic to their own online sites. Social networks are also used by the teachers and students as a communication tool in the various schools.